Today, our eyes are a little glossed over; brains a little foggy. Reaction times are three times slower and the silence between “How was it?” and our response of “Simply amazing” makes people wonder exactly what went on down out there in Tennessee. Our bodies radiate warmth from our sun-scorched skin, now free of dirt from the showers we took the moment we got home. The cleanse (though welcomed) was slightly depressing. For as we washed away the grime, we washed away a little part of ourselves. Bonnaroo ’13 is officially over.

         But a small smile lackadaisically lies across our faces as we stroll to work or (for the lucky ones of us) from our bed to the couch. Nothing is wrong today. Nothing is upsetting. Nothing can damper our carefree personas. Because four days of musical bliss will do that to a person.

We scour all forms of social media to grasp every last Internet memory of the weekend that’s floating out there. Read every article that encapsulates the best moments of the festival. Triple-check our phone’s cameras just to make sure we’ve looked good and hard at the snapshots of happiness we captured.

Today, the hours creep by. A complete juxtaposition of the fleeting four days on The Farm. But during these elongated minutes, our minds reel with reflection, replaying Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the only audience member that was with us through it all. You. Because Bonnaroo isn’t a blanketed experience. It’s a unique quilt for every one of the 80,000 of us. Patches for the artists we saw up close and those we listened to while laying in the shade of a blessed tree; the solo journeys to see an artist no one else cared to venture into the heat for and the one show when people you love surrounded you. A square for that amazing gyro at 3am and one for those killer chicken tenders in between a frenzied fifteen minute scurry from This Tent to That Tent; another for the hilarity of the conversations held around our campsites to the random chit-chat with the stranger during a set. Each individual memory woven together with the skipping of our hearts when we discover you were there too?! It’s the most beautiful, intangible souvenir ever sold and it’s absolutely priceless. 

         So let’s cozy up under these memories for the next year. Let’s relive, let’s retell, let’s relax under the Tennessee sun and its glorious magical rays. Let’s keep The Farm in our pocket and that smile on our face. Because Bonnaroo is only 360 days away. 

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